October 13, 2019
New for Christmas 2019!

The weather’s on the turn, there’s boxes of chocolates stacked as high as a reindeer in every supermarket and everyone’s talking about this years John Lewis advert (which is amazing by the way). This can mean only one thing, the festive season has well and truly crept up on us and we’re just 6 weeks away from the big day.

As I sit here chomping on the lovingly homemade mince pies brought into the office whilst staring at the Christmas tree still in it’s box I thought I’d post an update on some of the new products that have arrived just in time for the festivities.

So, on the subject of Christmas trees, what’s the most important part of the tree? The decorations of course, more specifically the baubles. No one wants to open their presents around a naked tree so the focal point of your Christmas Day should be bright, loud and adorned with a variety of colourful and seasonal trinkets suspended from every branch.

New for Christmas: Baubles

We’re very excited about the twist apart, plastic baubles that come in a variety of shapes. There’s a snowflake, a star, an oblate and a circle shaped ornament that each include a high gloss, white sublimation insert that matches the shape of the bauble of your choosing. Also included is the stylish screw on tops and glitzy silver string so that they can take pride of place at the front of the tree.

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All trees need that dash of colour, a shimmer of light to catch the eye and bring out those festive warm fuzzies. Check out our range of colourful of Christmas baubles to brighten up even the most uninspired of Christmas trees. Available in Red, Silver, Gold, Blue and Green these ornate balls are individually packaged in white boxes and include a golden string for hanging and the aluminium, glossy white insert. This is the part where you can heat transfer your bespoke designs on to with a printable area of approx 33mm in Diameter.

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The latest addition to the bauble collection has a far more familiar feel and are updated shapes to our popular MDF range of hangable ornaments. The three additions are a Circle shape (approx. 76mm diameter), a Heart shape (approx. 76mm) and a Stocking shape (approx. 96mm x 66mm). Each offer a high gloss surface ready to print your custom designs and include a Santa red ribbon to hang them from. These make great personalised gifts with amazing print quality.

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New for Christmas: Stockings

Whilst looking through the latest additions to our catalogue I think it was the two new Christmas Stockings that got our team the most excited for what’s just around the corner. The nostalgia of waking up Christmas morning to a stocking full of goodies obviously hit home how magical from now until the end of the year can be.

The Red sequin stocking is approximately 40cm x 28cm which means it can hold a fair amount of Christmas goodness within it’s glamorous pouch. Reverse the Red sequin to reveal a bright white colour on which to print your designs, which work really well for personalising with text. The back is made of a strong Polyester which should see many years of use. As the saying goes, a stocking isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for many Christmases…or something like that I’m sure.

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The other new option is that of the sublimation blank Linen stocking. This one measures the same as the aforementioned sequin variation, 40cm x 28cm approx. These are made from a top quality Linen and both sides are printable and allow a bit more scope to work your magic. Both Stockings feature a strong drawstring to both hang above the fireplace AND to keep the contents a mystery from young prying eyes.

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USB Lighters

We love it when we can team gadgety items with printing. These USB chargeable lighters are so cool. In fact, the outer packaging that they come with are so fancy I’d probably take the whole thing out with me. Unboxing it piece by piece until revealing the exciting technology that lies beneath. The best bit is, there’s no flame, no lighter fluid and it’s hassle free no matter what the weather can throw at you. They light by electrical current creating enough heat to light your cigarette. Genius!

There’s two types, a side opening key chain lighter and a dapper, slide up alternative. Both available in Gold and Silver and both look incredibly stylish. What could be better? How about the fact they both come with high gloss white sublimation printing ready inserts just waiting to inspire some eye catching artwork or personalisation.

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Thanks for reading and as always thank you so much for your support. Have a great Christmas.

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