Apex FP-4060 Digital Flatbed UV Printer


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Apex FP-4060 Digital Flatbed UV Printer

APEX UV Printer MT-FP4060
Transfer to Plastic, Ceramic, Glassware, Metal ware and More!!

( Please note that delivery time can be 4 – 5 weeks from date of purchase.)

This UV Printer is ideal for professionals who want to print a high volume production onto almost any material in high resolution. UV printing uses an ultra violet light which almost instantly cures the UV ink, eliminating the drying time.
One of the advantages to using UV printing is that you can print onto almost anything, meaning the possibilities are endless. All finished products are suitable for outdoor use so long as a pre treatment and a varnish coating is used on non porous high density surfaces which will be scratchproof and waterproof when used

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This item is available to purchase on finance pending successful application. When ordering this item please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery. Please contact us for further details.
  • Print on almost any material including wood, metal, plastic, ceramics, glass and more (when used with the correct pre treatment or finishing varnish treatment depending on if the surface is porous or non porous.)
  • Simultaneously print colour + white
  • Stirring system for white ink
  • Creates waterproof, UV proof and scratch proof prints. (please note high density non porous materials will require a pre treatment base coat and a varnish coating before being deemed waterproof and scratchproof)
  • Print in high resolution
  • Uses cool LED light to prolong lifetime and lower cost
  • Instantly dries with no fading or discolouration
  • The UV light source can be adjusted
  • Auto height measurement
  • Power clean
  • Ideal for industrial bulk production with high printing speed
  • Finished product is suitable for outdoor use when used with the correct pre treatment or finishing varnish treatment depending on if the surface is porous or non porous.
  • With Carry handle
  • Epson DX5 (Nozzles 180×8) Printer head
**You will require a pre treatment and varnish to print on to metal, ceramics and similar non porous materials as printing without will not bond to such non porous surfaces.**
The pre treatment and varnish are not included with this purchase.


  •  Model No.  UV4060
     UV Curing System  UV LED Water Cooling System
     Materials to Print
    (with the correct pre treatment and varnish applied to non porous material surfaces)
     metal, plastic, glass, wood, ceramics, acrylic, leather, pen, bottle & mugs, etc
     Max. Print Format  23.62″*15.75″ (60*40cm)
     Max. Print Gap  14cm(5.51”)
     Power Consumption  380W
     Power Requirement  50/60HZ   220V(±10%)<20A
     Working Environment  20 ~ 28C  HR40-60%
     Print Head  Epson DX5  (Nozzles 180*8)

Contents Include

  • 1 x UV Printer
  • 1x PhotoRip Software
  • Compatible ink






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