Air Compressor for Pneumatic Hot Laminator 8L Portable Oil Free 550w Low Noise


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1. Oil-free maintenance
No lubrication for product work, low cost, long life and lower maintenance costs

2. Stable performance
Fans and heatsinks have a good heat dissipation system to make the air compressor more stable, to effectively protect the engine, to prevent overheating and burnout of the machine, and at the same time to start the machine immediately after plugging in without power drain.

3. Pure copper wire motor, strong power

4. Bleed valve for oil separator
Dry the air source, simply adjust the air pressure and protect the machine

5. Air filter
High filter effect, low flow resistance, permanent continuous use without maintenance

6. solenoid valve
A power failure protection that is not afraid of high temperatures plays a role in protecting the engine

7. Anti-vibration pads
Anti-vibration pads can avoid risks during operation of the air compressor

8. drain valve
Regular drainage, maintenance air compressor
Before opening the drain valve, disconnect the power supply and lower the air pressure to less than 0.1 Mpa. Then, open the drain valve to completely drain the water.

Technical specifications
Pressure medium: air
Operating principle: piston compressor
Lubrication method: oil-free air compressor
Type: mobile compressor
Performance: low noise
Power (W): 550
Cylinder (mm): 63.7 * 11.8 * 2
Speed (rpm): 1380
Pressure (bar): 7.0
Exhaust gas quantity (L / min): 40
Gas storage (L): 8
Dimensions (LxWxH cm): 48×20.5×48.5
N.W. (kg): 17