UKCutter V Series Vinyl Cutter Camera Plotter With WIFI and Touchscreen


The UK Cutter Model V Series takes their new range of hi-tech vinyl cutters to the next level. Designed for professional businesses, possessing the sleek, strong design and advanced modern technology that is becoming synonymous with this range of cutters, this series makes for an excellent addition for any t shirt or sign making business .These WIFI enabled, multi interfaced vinyl cutting machines boast a large and easy to navigate touch screen menu system and a highly accurate and high speed camera for auto contour cutting (great for highly reflective, transparent and other materials). The Model V series aren’t just designed to look pretty, they’re built to be put to work and their industrial strength, metal frame can with stand whatever you can throw at it. (Please note: only 48 & 60 models come with stand) With a max cutting force of 2000g you can cut 3M diamond reflective film and much, much more. Available in the 3 sizes below.
Includes 1 year FREE subscription to SignCut Pro 2 software + Cutting Mat Included

UKCutter Model V V24 (720mm) Vinyl Cutter Camera Plotter (stand optional extra)

UKCutter Model V V48 (1350mm) Vinyl Cutter Camera Plotter (Stand included)

UKCutter Model V V60 (1650mm) Vinyl Cutter Camera Plotter (Stand included)

Pressure: 50g-2000g
WiFi: option
Contour Cut: Camera
Interface: Touch Screen

Large touch screen menu

1.High sensitivity
2.Simple use, straight forward operation
3.With multi-languages
4.Powerful function:
repeat-repeat cut last job
Array-freely set to cut many lines, many columns and free set distance between each copy.


USB cable(real USB, no need to install driver)
U disk (support both normal cutting and contour cutting)
Wifi (optional)
MAC computer compatible

Camera for auto contour cutting

Patent feature-build in real camera.
High-accuracy, fast speed, and capable for any colour materials and marks:
1.High reflective materials
2.Various colour materials
3.Transparent materials
4.Any colour marks

Huge Force: Max 2000g

Can cut 3M diamond reflective film
Model UK Cutter V24 UK Cutter V48 UK Cutter V60 UK Cutter D24 UK Cutter D48
Max media width 720mm 1350mm 1650mm 720mm 1350mm
Max cutting width 610mm 1240mm 1540mm 560mm 1190mm
Max contour cutting width 570mm 1200mm 1500mm 450mm 1080mm
Packing size 1000*360*388mm 1620*360*388mm 1920*360*388mm 1000*360*388mm 1620*360*388mm
Packing Gross weight 18kg 39kg 50kg 18.5kg 39.5kg
Max force 2000g 2000g 2000g 2000g 2000g
db values 75 75 75 75 75
Number of heads 1 1 1 2 2
Floor stand (optional extra) Included Included (optional extra) Included
Auto contour cut Camera Camera Camera Camera Camera
CorelDRAW directly Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power supply, V/Hz 220/50 220/50 220/50 220/50 220/50
Laser engrave option No No No No No
Scratch engrave Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Motor stepper
Processor memory 128MB
Cutting precision +/-0.01mm
Repeat precision 0.082mm
Max moving speed 700mm/s
Max cutting speed 600mm/s
Connector interface USB flash/ WIFI(option)/ USB cable
Power <100W
Working environment +5°C-+35°C

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Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 55 × 110 × 65 cm







V24 (720mm), V48 (1350mm), V60 (1650mm)