Sublimation Blank Plastic Christmas Bauble Gifts for Heat Transfer Printing



Sublimation Blank Plastic Christmas Bauble Gifts for Heat Transfer Printing

Available in 4 shapes
Oblate, Snowflake, Circle and Star
These beautiful sublimation ready tree ornaments are ideal for the festive period. Each version of the baubles comes in 4 separate pieces and will require some (minimal) assembly. You will receive the shape of your choice, the sublimation blank insert, the screw on top and of course the silver string so that the item can be hung proudly on the Christmas tree.
  • Twist apart shape of your choosing
  • Screw on top
  • High Gloss white insert for printing
  • Silver hanging string
From the manufacturers
Hanging Plastic Ornament
Item Name: Hanging Plastic Ornament
These newly-launched hanging ornaments fit Christmas perfectly. Each of them is with a pre-looped string and ready to hang on your Christmas tree. These delicate ornaments can beautify your tree and add up to the lovely Christmas atmosphere of your house.
 For personalisation, you can imprint the aluminum inserts for the ornaments with your family photos by sublimation printing and then put the into the ornaments. With the lovely photos on it, it will be the most beautiful tree carrying all those precious memories of your family.
Product Info
Material: Transparent plastic , each ornament comes with a two-sided aluminum sublimation insert.
Heating Parameter: 180C,45S
Printing Instructions: For Heat Presses 
Printing parameters for reference: 180℃, 45 seconds
1. Print on the sublimation paper, mirror image.
 2. Tear the protective film on the board before printing;
3. With the image face down on the flat heat press;
4. Medium pressure
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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm







Oblate, Snowflake, Circle, Star

Pack of

1, 5, 10, 20, 40