Heat Press T-Shirt Vinyl Minseo Printable Transfer Glow In Dark PU EP NM COL


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MINSEO Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl is the Best Quality Professional film produced in Korea.
Printable using Solvent / ECO Solvent ink — there are 7 varieties to choose from, each with their own characteristics which will suit different applications. Please refer to our gallery images for examples of usage for each type, and also our list at the bottom of this description.
Suitable for colourful photos, logos, sports badges, glow in the dark designs, and much more — it has high ink absorbtion and exhibits vivid colours. It can be cut out using a cutter then heat pressed onto t-shirts or other mediums which are 100% cotton, 100% polyester, Poly/Cotton blends, or Acrylic.
If ordering several variations then please contact our sales team for combined shipping costs.
For garments which already have vivid or dark colour as a base, we recommend the COL-07 Sub Block type for complete coverage and no transparency (ie: you wont see the background garment colour come through).
Note: COL-05 Glow in the Dark film may need greater Temperature and Time
Note: The settings below are guidelines only. Initial testing should be performed to ascertain the optimal values for your setup before starting production runs
  • Method: Temperature: 140 – 170°C, Time: 6 – 10 secs, Pressure: ~30kg
  • Recommended Fabrics: 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Cotton/Polyester mix, Acrylics
  • Washing: Drum Machine, 40°C, Detergent Powder
  • Width: 500mm
  • Thickness(excluding 100micron PET liner): 90mic. (30mic. PU, 60mic. Hotmelt)
  • Temperature: 140°C(284°F) ~ 150°C(302°F)
  • Pressing time: 7 ~ 10seconds
  • Pressure: Medium
  • Peeling condition: Hot peel
  • White PU: Most common, soft, elastic, thin, PVC free environmentally friendly
  • Silver PU: Silver metallic, glitter effect, PVC free environmentally friendly
  • Clear PU: Transparent, Figure only appearance, PVC free environmentally friendly
  • White EP: Most common, more economic than PU, matte finish, strong thick surface
    • Thickness(excluding 100micron PET liner): 160~170mic. (100~110mic. PVC, 60mic. Hotmelt)
    • Temperature: 140°C(284°F) ~ 150°C(302°F)
    • Pressing time: 7~10seconds
    • Pressure: Medium
    • Peeling condition: Warm peel
  • Glow in the Dark: Stores light & Glows in the Dark, Free of heavy metals & PVC, Excellent adhesion strength & washability
    • Thickness(excluding 106micron PET liner): 170mic. (110mic. Glow in Dark layer, 60mic. Hotmelt)
    • Temperature: 140°C(284°F) ~ 150°C(302°F)
    • Pressing time: 7 ~ 10seconds
    • Pressure: about 30kg
    • Peeling condition: Hot peel
  • Transparent NM: No need for Application tape, elastic, thin, soft
    • Thickness(excluding 100micron PET liner): 45mic. (15mic. PU, 30mic. Hotmelt)
    • Temperature & Pressing time: 190°C(374°F)/10sec or 150°C(302°F)/25sec
    • Pressure: Medium
    • Peeling condition: Cold Peel
  • Sub Block PU: Complete blocking dye migration (no garment colour will show through)
    • Thickness(excluding 100micron PET liner): 180mic. (120mic. PU, 60mic. Hotmelt)
    • Temperature: 160°C(320°F)
    • Pressing time: 6seconds
    • Pressure: Medium
    • Peeling condition: Hot Peel

Contents Include

  • 1 x Length Printable T-shirt Vinyl
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You require to use Easy Mask Application tape with this type of vinyl

Please Click here to see how to use this MINSEO Easy Mask application

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions15 × 55 × 15 cm
Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

COL-01 White PU, COL-02 Silver PU, COL-03 Clear PU, COL-04 White EP, COL-05 Glow In The Dark, COL-06 Transparent NM, COL-07 Sub Block PU, COL-08 Flock


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