Galaxy Gs-103S / 105s Auto-Open Heat Press With Slider/drawer- 38×38 / 40×50 Auto Open With Draw + Pressure Sensor



Auto Clam Slider II (GS-103S / 105s)

Sizes GS-103S /105s-1515 (38x38cm) / GS-103S/105s-1620 (40x50cm)


Pressure Scale Display:

The circuit board shows pressure adjust scale from 0~9, which offers customers an easy and efficient setting for different products.

Auto-sleep Mode:

The integrated digital controller offers auto-sleep setting mode with time setting range from 0~999 minutes, machine will enter an auto-sleep mode after a set time without any use and powered off on the controller, the machine will be reactivated by a new touch on the controller or a new use.

Over The Centre Pressure Distribution:

The Pressure source is strategically placed over the centre of the upper platen and uses struts to drive that pressure out to all corners. The result is an even and heavy duty distribution of pressure that is unmatched by other heat presses in the market today.

Dressable Lower Platen:

The special laser cut base allows users to dress garments over the lower platen without stretching them out. Simply load the shirt onto the platen and feed the bottom of the garment through the clearance underneath the lower platen.

Slide-out Lower Platen(GS-103s / 105s only):

With slide-out lower platen, customers could put or dress garment freely without worrying about burning hands by upper heat platen during this process.

Model                                GS-103S /105s-1515                            GS-103S /105s-1620

Heater Size                       15″*15″(38*38cm)                       16″*20″(40*50cm)

Pressure Display                Yes                                              Yes

Auto Release                      Yes                                             Yes

Auto-Sleep Mode                Yes                                             Yes

Slide-out Lower Platen       Yes                                              Yes

Changeable control board  Yes                                              Yes

Power(120volt)                  1800W/16.4Amps                       1800W/16.4Amps

Power(240volt)                   1800W/8.2Amps                        1800W/8.2Amps

Temperature                       Max 221℃/430℉                      Max 221℃/430℉

Start-up Time                    13 Minutes                                  20 Minutes

Time Duration                     0-999S                                       0-999S

Dimension                         63*41*86cm                                75*43*100cm

Packing Size                     74*48*57cm                                84*52*59.5cm

Packing Weight                 39kg                                            54kg

Certificate                          CE,FCC                                      CE,FCC

Additional information

Weight54 kg
Dimensions85 × 52 × 60 cm