6, 11, 12, 17oz Latte / Durham MP110B Mug Mat Wrap Element Attachments Heat Press


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MP110B Mug Mat Attachment
For use with MP110B mug heat press only


These particular Mug Mats are specifically designed for the MP110B mug press. With a heatable interior element and a steel sheet exterior they are malleable but tough.
The wires are hidden by a nylon/polyester fabric trunking this keeps them safe and aesthetically appealing.
ALL Elements Compatible with MP110B Mug Press
  • High Quality
  • ALL Elements Compatible with MP110B Mug Press (6oz Durham, 11oz Durham, 12oz Latte, 17oz Latte)
  • Female Connection

Contents Include

  • QTY x Mug Mat Attachment(s)

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6oz Durham MP110B ATT, 11oz Durham MP110B ATT, 12oz Latte MP110B ATT, 17oz Latte MP110B ATT