1L INKECO Korean Sublimation Refill Ink Best Quality for CISS Colour Print


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Ink for Sublimation CISS Printer Systems
C, M, Y, K, Light C, Light M

Quality Korean Refill Ink Suitable for Inkjet & CISS, 6 Colours Available. These inks can be used for heat transferring on to plastics, ceramics, metals and textiles.
When exposed to heat the inks change from a solid state into a gas. This gas will then adhere to sublimation compatible materials leaving behind a high quality image.
1L In Each Bottle
1L x 4 for 4 Pack
1L x 6 for 6 Pack
  • Eco friendly water based ink
  • Colour Sharpness, high resolution
  • Superb stability, no damage to printer head
  • High transfer efficiency
  • Compatible with Ricoh and Epson printers
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Weight5 kg
Dimensions18 × 15 × 20 cm



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1L Cyan (C), 1L Magenta (M), 1L Yellow (Y), 1L Black (K), 4 Pack (CMYK), 6 Pack (CMYK + LC + LM)