1 Litre Pre-treatment Liquid for LED UV Ink


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  • Volume: 1L
  • With advanced anti-tack agents,smear-free
  • Vivid color,high color concentration,clear-cut halftone dot
  • Excellent adaptability, excellent on-machine transferring quality

This product is not a kind of thermal curable ink, with the advanced material and producing technologies, the quality of this product can reach the international level. For the printing of phone case, golf ball, pen, glass, crystal, wood, ceramic etc, this product is the perfect printing ink.

*Innocuous, low content of arom-hydrocarbon, harmful metal element free

*High curable velocity, suitable to high velocity printing

*With advanced anti-tack agents, smear-free

*Vivid color, high color concentration, clear-cut halftone dot

*Excellent adaptability, excellent on-machine transferring quality