T-Shirt Vinyl Heat Press Minseo Polyflake Glitter Transfer Film Cutter Decal FK



MINSEO Polyflake Glitter Heat Transfer T-Shirt VINYL

Transfer Film Cutter Decal

MINSEO Polyflake Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl is the Best Quality Professional film produced in Korea.
This Polyflake film is very Luxurious. It has an extremely thick texture which gives it a 3D-looking effect when applied to the garment. The polyester glitter leaves no bits/dust after heat pressing — it is firmly pressed into the garment yet retains its dazzling sparkle and 3D thickness.
As it is thicker than other films it is very suit for large designs. It is perfect for costumes, cheerleader/dance uniforms, and other garments where you need a high quality “Bling Bling” effect. The large array of colours gives you a wider choice to support your creative freedom.
If ordering several variations then please contact our sales team for combined shipping costs.
Note: The settings below are guidelines only. Initial testing should be performed to ascertain the optimal values for your setup before starting production runs
Please be advised that FL-01 Silver is not currently available though this can be substituted for FK-25 Holo Silver. There will be a slight difference. FK-35 Snow White Currently Out Of Stock.


“Flake have actual glitter flakes encased in a high adhesive hot melt. Polyester based flakes can create brilliant sparkle and shine to fashionable garments.”

  • 1/128” PET Hexagonal Glitter

  • Thick texture and 3D looking

  • Ideal for dance uniforms and for adding ‘Bling Bling’ effect to garments.

  • Cool peel


  • Recommended Fabrics: 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Cotton/Polyester mix, Acrylics
  • Washing: Drum machine, 40°C, Detergent Powder
  • Polyflake: Glitter flakes, thick, no glitter dust after pressing


  • Width: 500mm
  • Thickness(excluding 100micron PET liner): 320mic. (1/128” Hexagonal glitter, 80mic. Hotmelt)
  • Glitter: 1/128″ PET Hexagonal Glitter
  • Temperature: 140°C(284°F) ~ 150°C(302°F)
  • Pressing time: 10~12 seconds
  • Pressure: Medium
  • Peeling condition: Cool peel

flake conditions

Contents Include

  • 1 x Length T-shirt Vinyl

UK Standards

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Colour / Type

FK-01 Silver, FK-02 Gold, FK-03 Red, FK-04 Khaki, FK-05 Sky Blue, FK-06 Turqouise, FK-07 Purple, FK-08 Green, FK-09 Copper, FK-10 Brown, FK-11 Dark Gold, FK-12 Pink, FK-13 Dark Violet, FK-14 Black, FK-15 Leaf, FK-16 Blue, FK-17 Lavender, FK-18 Holo Pink, FK-19 Grey, FK-20 Light Green, FK-21 Deep Pink, FK-22 Burgundy, FK-23 Dark Purple, FK-24 Navy, FK-25 Holo Silver, FK-26 Royal Blue, FK-27 Neon Yellow, FK-28 Neon Green, FK-29 Neon Orange, FK-30 Neon Pink, FK-31 Neon Blue, FK-32 Neon Purple, FK-33 White, FK-34 Rainbow White, FK-35 Snow White, FK-36 Neon Peach, FK-37 Holo Red, FK-39 Holo Green, FK-40 Holo Blue, FK-41 Holo Black, FK-42 Holo Lavender, FK-43 Plum, FK-44 Rose Gold, FK-45 Deep Gold, FK-46 Dark Green, FK-47 Ocean Blue, FK-48 Thin Green, FK-49 Multi, FK-50 Rainbow Red, FK-51 Rainbow Pink, FK-52 Rainbow Yellow, FK-53 Rainbow Green, FK54 Rainbow Blue, FK-55 Rainbow Black, FK-38 Holo Gold


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