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Microtec Auto Open Heat Press SENKO-30




As an expert in its field, Microtec is renowned for the quality and reliability of its products.

This heat press is ideal for heat applying transfers to such items as t-shirts, jackets, mouse-pads, tile and more. It is heavy duty and equipped with an automatic digital timer. When the upper platen is lowered by hand, it will trip a micro switch while it closed, and the time will count down and automatically release the press. This heat press also has a slide out bottom plate, making the whole process easier and smoother.

For T-shirt, Puzzle, Mouse Pad, Metal Board, Fridge Magnet, Coaster, Slipper, Bag, Cushion, Mug, Cap, Plate etc


  • Solid steel welded framework
  • Digital Temperature & Time control
  • Automatic electromagnetic operated pressing
  • Slide-out press bed for easy layout
  • Automatic Alarm,Temperature & Time recycle
  • Open Automatically when the time’s up
  • Easy-to-operate & High efficiency


  • Machine Dimensions: 950x750x450mm
  • Heat Platen Size: 20’’x 32’’(50*80cm)
  • Printable Articles Max Size: 400x500x30mm
  • Voltage: 220V/1Phase;120V/1Phase
  • Power: 220V/2.0KW; 120V/1.8KW
  • Recommended Setting: 30~280s; 180~200°C
  • Time Range: 0~999s
  • Maximum Temp: 225 C°
  • Packing size: 102x64x82cm
  • Gross weight: 115.7kg

Contents Include

  • 50x80cm heat press

Additional information

Weight32 kg


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