Manual Desktop Cold Laminator LBS1300 1.3m


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The LBS1300 is a Manually-operated Desktop Cold Laminator suitable for medium-large sized jobs. With its desktop form-factor and design It is perfect for home and office environments as well as academia and small-medium businesses. If features an adjustable nip and the pressure can be easily adjusted to cater for a wide variety of pressure-sensitive cold laminating films and media.

Cold Laminating will allow the picture/media to have the ability of non-fading, anti corrosion, waterproofing, anti-ultraviolet ray corrosion, etc. After cold laminating, the picture does not exude a yellow smear or any yellowing, and preserves for a long time (Also dependent on the laminate you are using to apply to the poster so please be aware!).


  • Manual Operation
  • Easily Adjustable Pressure
  • Desktop Form-Factor
  • High Efficiency and short delivery time
  • Lamination without heat, but with high pressure


  • Model: LBS1300
  • Max Laminating Width:1300mm
  • Max Laminating Thickness: 8mm
  • Diameter of roller: 800mm
  • Packing dimension(mm): 1470×220×390
  • Weight: 15kg Application: Laminating for advertising pictures indoor/outdoor

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 147 × 22 × 39 cm