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Large Format Clam Heat Press (60x80cm) MP710


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MP710 Large Format Clam Heat Press 60x80cm

The large format clam heat press is a highly durable, highly reliable printing machine.

A popular choice with many: although the MP710 Large Format Clam Heat Press is manually operated, the platen incorporates an hydraulic mechanism which means that it opens and closes smoothly and precisely. This kind of clever design and craftsmanship effectively delivers a more user-friendly experiece, as loading and unloading objects onto the machine becomes easier and the workflow can run smoothly.

The LCD controller dishes out key insight into the stats of the machine, whilst the sturdy framework – combined with the synonomous blue powder coated finish of the blue wave edition design – completes the look of the clam heat press. The technology included within the machine, as well as the heavy-duty structure forms a strong and extremely reliable large format clam heat press ideal for professional who have large customer orders or high volumes of small format work.


  • Voltage: 110/220 v
  • Power: 4500W
  • Temperature Range: 0-999 seconds
  • Printing Area: 60×80 cm
  • Gross Weight: 98 kg
  • Package Size: 103 x 91 x 42 cm


  • Hydraulic mechanism
  • Durable large format clam heat press
  • LCD Controller
  • Built for large production volumes

Contents Include

  • 1 x MP710 Large Format Clam Heat Press (60×80) UKPress Blue Wave Edition
  • 1 x Instructions Manual


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