CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter JL-K3020- Iris UltraGlow Laser Engraver


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Iris Small Laser Engraving Machine – Iris UltraGlow Laser Engraver Quality Guaranteed
Customer notice: With regards to our Laser Engravers, please note that the 40 watt machines are only for engraving purposes. 50 watt versions can be used for both engraving and cutting and the 60 watt would complete the applications quicker and more efficiently. 

Please note that it is necessary to use a water cooling system before powering on and use to maintain and protect the laser tube. Any overheating to the laser tube shall and will cause damage to the internal mirrors. Any damaged that is caused due to overheating will not be replaced. Please ensure to correctly use the water cooling system to cool the laser after every use.

For cutting purpose please make sure it’s under low percentage power,
low speed and not for a long time cutting, incorrect using will much
lower the life using of the laser tube, can easily use up the laser
The Iris UltraGlow is the latest in optical, mechanical and electrical integration technology and the design scheme of high-tech products. Designed with high quality and rugged toughness at the forefront of the production objectives, the Ultraglow maybe a small Laser engraver but what it lacks in size but it sure packs a punch. The Iris  is a new generation of products that combine appearance, performance and precision . It features an all English display interface, support for printers, scanners, compatible TIF international standard repertoire and BMP, JPG file. It is also manufactured for simple operation and to have the perfect font display, it’s easy to learn and easy to use, it can be used to engrave the common and the reversed words and carve the words in intaglio and raised.

Ideal for consumer use or small scale start up businesses, this versatile and high performance Laser Engraver will soon become an integral part of your company. With it’s premium design features and an abundance of power, this machine is an excellent fit for a whole range of applications.

the Laser Stamp Engraving Machines work by supplying electrical power to a laser tube which generates a laser beam which is then fired to the reflection lens and a convex lens focuses to the desired material’s surface and begins the engraving process.
The Iris uses the most advanced processing technology. The process of using laser engraving machines and cut is very simple, just like your computer interacting with your printer and printing on paper. For the design of the graphics ithere are a variety of graphics software (CorelDraw, Photoshop, CAD)  and after transmission of the drawing to the machine, it will start engraving the drawing on the surface of any material easily, and cutting edges according to the requirements of design.
The advantage of laser processing
  • Application extensive: The Co2 laser can engrave and cut any non-metallic materials, not to mention, the cost is very low!
  • Safe and reliable: With non-contact processing, material will not cause mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress.There is no mark, does not damage the surface of the machined part and will not deform the material.
  • Precision: Tolerance: ±0.02 mm.
  • Save the environment: The laser beam and spot diameter is small, generally less than 0.5 mm; saving materials and has a focus on health and safety.
  • The effect is same: To make sure the processing effect of the batch.
  • High speed and quick: it can immediately commence engraving and cutting with high speed according to the computer output pattern
  • Low cost: Not limited by processing quantity, for small batch processing services, laser processing are cheaper.
Applicable materials
1. The stamp is applicable to non-metallic materials such as ox horn , wood, red plastic , organic glass , atom , crystal , soft jade etc.
2. Apply to a small area of the arts and crafts processing, can engrave all kinds of graphics and text in double color boards, wood, bamboo, organic glass, acrylic, cloth.
3. It can be carved permanently on the electronic components name, type, logo and  design.
What’s the difference between the Iris and Photosensitive Machines? This Laser engraving machine depends on the laser tube to generate a laser beam with a high temperature scan and engraving on the stamp materials. The laser engraving machine can engrave onto plastic, horn ,organic and other hard material. Photosensitive machines only operate on the special light sensitive pad. The cost of the photosensitive material is relatively higher. But the cost of machine is low with small volume ,without pollution ,and the image is clear. Which is obviously welcome. The laser engraving machine has lower cost materials. All except the ordinary stamp ,it can engrave the steel stamp which is imitated too. The engraving machine is more expensive than the photosensitive machine but, the latter is more expensive on the cost of materials.
What’s in the box?
The CO2 laser tube

Laser supply (Ignition coil power or high voltage power supply box)

Control panel (including the power switch, the laser switch test switch, lighting switch, current regulation, the current display, such as function keys)
Working table  (including  clamp,handle the stamp)
Light path system (composed of lens seat and plane mirror)
The cooling system
The exhaust system.
The main control part(the main board)
Includes Laser DRW Software
USB cable (connection link important part of the computer and machine)
year return to base (RTB) warranty

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