Happy Halloween!

 Welcome to the first edition of the Signzworld blog!

This week: DIY Halloween decorations!

 There are TONNES of different DIY Ideas for Halloween decorations, but one that has intrigued us the most is custom stencil designs.

 What you’ll need:

  • A Vinyl Cutter
  • Sign Vinyl (or T-shirt Vinyl if you wish to put a design on t-shirts)
  • A computer running Windows or MAC (please note: if running MAC you must have a 2.0 USB Port, not a 3.0, AND an FTDI Adapter)
  • Cutting Software of your choice

 Step 1:

Create your Design

 Open either –

– Your cutting software if you prefer/can design directly in it


– A program that can save designs in a file format that is compatible with your software. (i.e Coreldraw, Inkscape, etc…)

 Draw your design. Some of the coolest ones we have seen are for pumpkins! You can design the face to go on your pumpkin, cut it out, and stick it on.

Don’t forget to be creative with this, You can cut out custom designs for t-shirts if you are using t-shirt vinyl, or maybe cut out designs, stick them on paper/card and hang them for custom artwork.

 Step 2:

Cut out your Design

Once you have saved your design in a compatible format (usually .SVG or .EPS, but be sure check what’s compatible for your specific software), then you can load it up in your cutting software and start the project.

Be sure you’ve fed your vinyl correctly into the cutter, as you want avoid snags and creases altering your design. It’s worth noting that some cutters have issues cutting out fine detail, so may need to use an artisan’s cutting blade to finish the design off.


Step 3:

Placing your design


If you’re placing your design on a pumpkin, then you can be slightly less particular, as some parts being slightly misaligned will add to the character of it. If you’re working with t-shirt vinyl, be careful that your t-shirt is not creased, and you place the design on completely flat before using a heat press to solidify the bond. If you’re placing the design within a frame or on paper, it’ll be slightly easier as its a naturally flat surface.

 We hope you’re successful with this DIY! We would absolutely love to see your designs, so send them over to us on our Facebook Page!